Can I link my Floridacentral account with my account at another bank?

How to link your accounts using the External Accounts feature in Online Banking

Yes! You can link your Floridacentral account to accounts that you own at other financial institutions. After the accounts are linked, you can transfer between the accounts.

Registering an External Account:

  1. Log into Online Banking. Under the Accounts dropdown menu, click on External Accounts.
  2. Select Bank Account from the Account Type dropdown menu and then select Choose.
  3. Detailed instructions are provided so that you can gain an understanding of the process.
  4. Enter the bank name, the routing number, the account number, the account type, and a nickname (optional) for the account you want to link.
  5. Press Add Account to proceed.
  6. Verify that the information is correct before pressing Confirm.

Completing the Verification

Please wait until you receive the two small deposits in the other account before completing the verification process. If the amounts you enter are incorrect, the external account may become Disabled. If it shows as Disabled, you will need to contact us to continue.

  1. Take note of the two smalls deposits you received in your other account. Then, log into Floridacentral's Online Banking and click Accounts. NOTE: If you have not received the deposits after 5 business days, please contact us for assistance.
  2. Select External Accounts and Complete Verification.
  3. Type in the two amounts that were deposited into the external account into the Transaction Amount 1 and Transaction Amount 2 sections. NOTE: The withdrawal will not be used for verification.
  4. Press Verify Account. If correct, the External Account set up process is completed.

    Making a Transfer

    Now that your accounts are linked, you can transfer between the accounts.

    1. Log into Online Banking and click on Transfer under the Accounts dropdown menu. You can also initiate a transfer in Floridacentral's Mobile Banking app, under the Transfers tab.
    2. Select the appropriate accounts in the Transfer From and Transfer To fields.
    3. Type the amount you would like to transfer in the Transfer Amount field and select the Transfer button.
    4. If you are transferring into your Floridacentral account, there is no fee, so you will simply confirm that the information is correct and complete the transfer. If you are transferring out of your Floridacentral account, there is a $2.00 outgoing transfer fee. Choose the account you would like the fee to be deducted from in the Fee Source field. Then, confirm that the information is correct and complete the transfer.

    Please allow 3-5 business days for these transfers to complete.

    Transfers between linked external accounts are one-time transfers that begin processing on the day you schedule it. If you would like to set up a recurring transfers on a specific date, please contact us to discuss your options.