Getting Started with Bill Pay: Using the Multi Pay View

Watch this video tour of our online Bill Pay system using the Multi Pay view.

Multi Pay View Features

There are two different options to view your list of payees — Multi Pay and Single Pay. The Multi Pay view allows you to view the payees in a vertical list and to submit multiple payments at the same time with the click of a single button.

This video gives you a tour of Bill Pay using the Multi Pay view and highlights the following features:

  • How to customize your view based on when the payees are due or by category.
  • How to search through and sort your payees.
  • Understanding how each payee will be paid, payment time frames, and how to expedite processing (if available).
  • Adding notes and memos.
  • Payee management options, such as adding a reminder, setting up an auto-pay, or connecting an eBill.