How do I deposit a check using mobile deposit?

A guide for depositing a check using mobile deposit and when funds from the deposit will be made available


  • Online Banking enrollment
  • Remote deposit enrollment
  • Floridacentral's Mobile Banking app
  • At least a 2-megapixel camera
Bubble - Mobile Deposit


  1. From your Floridacentral Mobile Banking app, select the Deposit icon.
  2. Select the account into which you wish to make a check deposit.
  3. Enter the amount of the check.
  4. Endorse the check. To endorse the check, include the following information on the back of the check(s):
    • The words "For deposit only at Floridacentral Credit Union"
    • The account number you wish to deposit into
    • The words "via Mobile Deposit"
    • Your signature
  5. Take a clear picture of the front and back of your check(s).
    • Place the check on a flat, well-lit surface that contrasts with the check color. (For example, if your check is white, take the picture on a black surface).
    • Take each picture from directly above the check and not at an angle.
    • Rotate your device to landscape mode when taking the picture.
    • Take each picture as close as possible, while ensuring that all four corners of the check are visible in the frame.
    • Make sure each picture is properly focused and not blurry.
  6. Review and make adjustments (if needed). Then, press Send.

Securely store the original check for up to 60 days in case there are any issues with the deposit. You are responsible for any loss caused by your failure to secure the original check. 


Mobile deposits are subject to verification and are not available for immediate withdrawal.

  • Deposits received before 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time will be processed on the same business day.
  • Deposits received after 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time will be processed on the next business day.

You should expect that funds from your mobile deposit will be held for a minimum of two business days. An extended hold may be placed if necessary. Review our Funds Availability Policy for specific information on deposit availability. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays.



Restrictions and wireless carrier fees may apply. This feature is not available on the mobile version of Floridacentral's website.