How many accounts can I have at Floridacentral Credit Union?

You will have one member number that can have many subaccounts.

When you join Floridacentral Credit Union, you will receive a member number. All of your accounts will live under that member number as subaccounts. 

How It Works

The first subaccount you will open is a Regular Share Savings Account. This account establishes your membership and gives you access to all of the special benefits and savings that Floridacentral offers. You will be required to keep $5 in this savings account as long as you have a relationship with Floridacentral. 

From there, you can add additional subaccounts to fit your needs, such as a certificate of deposit (CD), a Christmas Club Savings, a checking account, an auto loan, a mortgage, and more.

Let's look at an example.

Pete just moved to town and is looking for a new place to bank. He decides to get his checking account and savings account with Floridacentral. So he opens a Regular Share Savings to establish his membership and receives a member number, 1234567. He also opens a checking account.

Later, Pete realizes that other types of savings accounts will better help him achieve his financial goals. So he opens a Christmas Club Savings to help him save up for the holidays and a Certificate of Deposit so that he can earn more interest on his savings.

When it is time for a new ride, he gets his auto loan with Floridacentral. And he takes out a small personal loan to enjoy a nice vacation.

Over time, Pete has added many subaccounts, but they will all live under one member number.


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