Bill Pay: I made a payment in error. How do I fix it?

What to do if you have made a double payment, overpayment, or paid the wrong company or person in Bill Pay.

Your payments can be modified or canceled up until the time they are processed.

Payments that are showing In-Process can no longer be modified or canceled.

If the payment is still showing a Scheduled status, follow the instructions below to modify or cancel the payment:

  • From the Activity tab, click on the payment.
  • Click the Modify payment or Cancel payment button and follow the prompts.

Resolving In-Process or Paid Payments

If the payment status is In-Process or Paid, it cannot be modified or canceled. But there are other steps you can take to resolve the issue.

First, determine whether the payee receives their payments electronically or by check. To do this, select the payee and look on the right side under the Deliver By calendar. It will say either Electronic or Check. Based on this information, follow the instructions below:

  • Electronic payments cannot be stopped, so if a payment was made in error, please contact the payee directly to request a refund for the payment.
  • Check payments can be stopped if it has not yet cleared your account. Stop by your local branch or call give us a call at 813-879-3333, ext 7550 for assistance. If a check payment has already cleared the account, please contact the payee directly to request a refund for the payment.

If you request a stop payment on a Bill Pay check, we strongly recommend that you inform the payee that a stop payment was placed. This may help you avoid fees from the payee for a returned payment.