What is a digital wallet?

This article explains what a digital wallet is and how to use a digital wallet to pay with your Floridacentral card.

Samsung Pay Square

A digital wallet is an electronic version of a wallet. You simply load your debit cards, credit cards, or other account information from your different financial institutions into the electronic wallet. Then, you can use your smartphone, smartwatch, or other compatible device to make faster and more secure purchases.

Popular digital wallets include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and more depending on the type of smartphone or device you use.

Adding a card to a digital walletUsing a Digital Wallet

First, enter the card information into the digital wallet of your choice to load the card. 

Once it is loaded, simply look for the contactless payment symbol Tap to Pay Symbol - Digital Wallet on the payment terminal at the store.

Open or unlock the digital wallet, select the card you want to use, and hold your phone close to the terminal to pay.

Is a digital wallet secure? 

Yes! When you load your Floridacentral card into a digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay, the information is heavily encrypted and a token is created, so none of your actual card information is stored within the digital wallet. Because of this process, paying with a digital wallet is actually more secure than using a physical card at checkout.

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